Residential Artificial Grass


Superscape was founded in 2005 by Robert. He is the qualifying party for the K-21 contractor license and runs most of the operations of his company. Roberts experience has lasted nearly a lifetime, with over 15 years on-site experience. His once hobby has turned into a thriving business in the Valley of the Sun. He takes pride in running a well managed family business focused on 100% customer service. 

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Commercial Pavers


At Superscape, we are dedicated to all  your different landscaping needs. 

We know that each home, office, HOA, school and customer is different, but all are striving for the same goal and to be 100% satisfied.  Let us show you how happy you can be with your outdoor oasis. 

Fully Licensed  K-21 Contractor in Arizona.   Bonded and Insured.   100% Drug Free Environment.   Contact us by Phone, Email, Fax, Instagram and/or Facebook.   Free Estimates.  Nearly 15 years experience.  Personalized Landscape Service.